XIA JUNSU's Incredible.... Not so incredible

I think I'll be hated after this..... but then maybe not since I don't post much and thus have hardly any readers.
Ok. So I knew Junsu's going to release his new album and CJes has put up a 40 sec or something long teaser on youtube. Being a die hard DBSK fan, I had to check it out. And after watching the trailer I knew I wouldn't like the full MV.
Ok before you start cursing me, please let me explain.
So, since I had this haunting sense that I'll be dissappointed by the MV, I kept deferring. But today when I was perusing allkpop, I came across the MV again. I was like what the heck, I rather watch anything DBSK related than read about some random kpop artists. So I started. But I regret it so much now. It's just not junsu-like. There was no SOUL in that song. People might argue that this is a fun, summer song. But I have heard junsu singing fun, summer songs before and yet it touched my heart. How do I say this...this mv and song felt so orchestrated... like they have tried too hard.
Besides, there's too much american feel to it. I am not saying thats bad. Its just that it didn't feel natural. I have seen big bang and some other korean performers with heavy western feel to their songs but they still looked in their skin.
I am sorry if I offend anyone. I really like Junsu but still....


A journey always bring mixed emotions
An excitement coz you are heading to a new place
Certain sadness Coz you are leaving the known behind
Amazing, all those things I felt on my ride
Why the excitement when I know what to expect?
The moments, confused and sad
Interspersed with a few happy ones
So easy to count on my fingers,
have to really rake my brain to remember.
And why the sadness when I know that I am gonna be back,
that I am not leaving for forever.

Something I wrote up during my bus ride to my ex-boyfriend. Dunno why I am sharing this and why today?
I feel like baring a little maybe.

My essence

I was trying to run between the rain drops
but then few of them still caught me.
I was trying to avoid not because I hate them
It's because I knew I'll be addicted.
When the rain soak my hair,
it's my heart that becomes wet.
Then however much you try to wring out the water,
some of it still stays behind.
I like that feeling. I like it all.
Do you think I'll smell like the soil just sprinkled by heavens.
I take in the smell, it's my drug.
Like I want to inhale it all so that it mixes with my blood,
and seeps through every pore.
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Rainy day

Don't have to pretend today
Coz it's rainy day
Can hide the tears behind the rain
I can fool everyone
I can fool you all
Who'll notice my sobs when
heaven's crying with its might
Indeed I can fool everyone
Indeed I can fool you all


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage
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Darkness in my eyes

The lonely days, the dark nights
The future that I can't see
The distant past I want to forget
My ignorant mind holds on tight
A twisted picture like a creep's wish
runs away far, then walk back inside.
Jumbled thoughts, no best laid plans
A barren garden with empty promises
Under the halo when the rays strike
It's golden and hopeful, yet sadness reside.
Make me understand, enlighten my mind
What is destinty? what is life?
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